Ladislav Hodný

Art lovers may enjoy a narrative and very carefully prepared monograph devoted to Ladislav Hodný, one of our greatest, contemporary visual artists. The trilingual monograph published on the occasion of his exhibition in the Mánes Hall in Prague in 2015 provides with information about his creative beginnings, role models and sources of inspiration. The publication contains more than 120 works of art.

Manuel Martinez

Manuel Martinez was born in Andalusia, Spain, but has lived in France since he was four years old. His personality, thus, unites the influences and traditions of both countries, which inspire and profoundly affect him. His path to his own expression and independent work has not been easy at all despite his distinct talent.

Currently, he belongs among sought-after artists, and his paintings are exhibited all over the world. The four-language monograph was published on the occasion of an extensive retrospective exhibition in the Mánes Hall in Prague in 2018 and contains more than a hundred paintings. 

Ebip Serafedino

In this four-language monograph, modern art connoisseurs can admire the unmistakable artistic creations of the Macedonian who lives in France. The book launch party took place at the exhibition in the Mánes Hall in Prague in 2019, where almost all works of art you can see in the monograph were exhibited..

Ladislav Hodný II.

Jindřich Bílek

Jindřich Bílek was not only an excellent artist but also a passionate musician. He endeavoured to transfer his love for music to canvas and, thus, creating a unique harmony between music and art. Currently, Jindřich Bílek belongs among essential personalities of the West Bohemian region. The trilingual pictorial monograph enables the readers to peer into the painter’s life. The book was published im memoriam in 2019.

Unique catalogs for
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Unique catalogs for
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