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About ArtisticoStores

The Artistico project was formed more than ten years ago. Because the project has focused on bringing together artists from all over the world and presenting their works to as many people as possible in an environment one would call “atypical”, it has retained its unmistakable place on the art market. Artworks were not exhibited in galleries or exhibition halls, but in design shops of large shopping centres. Artistico aimed at bringing art closer to people who had not yet found their way across the field of art or attended galleries or exhibitions but still wanted to have quality and original pieces of art in their homes that they would like. The Artistico project has offered it all. Neatly arranged pictures were displayed on easels covering hundreds of square meters; thus, customers could have a look at them and decide whether they wanted that or another picture in their homes.

The unique concept of the entire project was described in several Czech, as well as foreign publications. The Artistico project is continuously developing. To satisfy the growing demands and requirements of its customers and to maintain its place in the art market, the project combined its activities with the company Shania, a. s., which, among other things, managed the project of the display Orchard Gallery in Ostrava, as well as the Art Investment Gallery online auctions. This merger enables to create a unique, comprehensive system for the international sale of art. The Artistico project facilitates the sale of investment art through its online store, and also other services.

Art Investment Gallery



Orchard Gallery Ostrava

About Orchard Gallery

Orchard Gallery is a part of newly constructed Orchard Business Park, creating a new center of events with a dynamic and comfortable atmosphere in the center of Ostrava. Orchard Gallery was opened in 2016. The company Shania, a.s. has used this exciting and original gallery space since 2018 to present its projects; the company in cooperation with project ArtisticoStores exhibits there works of Czech and foreign artists.

The aim of the company project is to contribute to the development of cultural and social enjoyment of the city of Ostrava, to acquaint the public with interesting works of art and their authors, to introduce the work of artists from around the world, such as Ethiopia, India and Ecuador, and to offer works of art that have never been exhibited in Europe. The company represents the artists and has a wide range of pieces of art that would like to display in the modern environment of Orchard Gallery.