Fedor Nemec
——Slovak Photographer——

Fedor Nemec

Fedor Nemec was born on September 20, 1956 in Bratislava. In 1976 he graduated The secondary Arts and Crafts School in his hometown, specialization in photography, under guidance of Prof. Tomík. Later on he developed his talent at the Department of Photography of the Film and TV School, at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague under guidance of Prof. Šmok. In the eighties, as the graduate of FAMU he devoted himself to the commercial photography, fashion, but also to free art photography.

He established PHOTO DESIGN STUDIO in Bratislava, belonging to the top art Rooms at the time. As a distinct talent, he participated at the exhibitions already durring his studies at the secondary school. He belongs to the notable representatives of the new trend in Slovak photography. After numerous award acquired in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, he attended exhibitions throught Europe and also in USA.

The photographs of Fedor Nemec are vibrant, but also meditative motives of women. There is a bit of tenderness of art nouveau, the elegance of the art deco style, but what prevails in them is defiant discomfort, provocation, Eros and also the emotive neurosis of the postmodernism. It is the old in the new, eternal in the variable, feminine in the feminine. In most of the cases these are photographic solos. A woman inside herself. A woman which got out of time and a woman into which time had got inside.  Fullness changed into fertility and fertility into completeness. It is a woman waiting and carrying this sentence. It is a woman which is impatiently hoping in her destiny and also in the aggression of the body which fills the soul.

The distinctive composition of his photographs is his signature.
Pieces of art of Fedor Nemec are present not only in private collections of galeries and art collectors, but also with such personalities as Albert II., the Prince of Monaco, and Queen Eisabeth II…