We decided to create a commercial Art-selling chain based on ‘supermarket’ form of sale principles. This was the main idea when we opened our first store in Shopping Palace Zlaté Piesky in Bratislava, followed by Galerie Harfa in Prague, giving everyone an unique opportunity to decorate their homes with fine art of high quality for reasonable price. Our price range is from few hundred up to thousands of euros. Our open minded approach allows you to choose an art object, painting or a sculpture, in a nice environment, which is different from a typical gallery, where many people feel uncomfortable with the supervision of a gallerist watching their every step. In Artistico, you can enjoy shopping in an environment of a shopping centre, you are used to and in which you feel comfortable. Each of the offered art objects is an original artwork and by the purchase we provide a certificate of authenticity, with informaton about the artist's name, technique, measurements and author’s signature. Your purchase becomes a unique and valuable investment. We support many young talented painters and sculptors, but also experienced artists, who are looking for a different sale style than in a normal gallery. We sell art from all over the world. So far, we offer paintings by artists from more than 30 countries and we are still looking for new artists and artworks. We have about 2000 pieces available for purchase on location and our offer keeps changing and expanding. You can find wide scale of artwork - from acrylics to aquarelle and sculptures of various materials. Our paintings are sold with frames. You can, however, select a frame of your choice in various styles and from diiverse material. All art objects can be paid in form of instalment payments. We also offer our artworks for rent. It is a special service provided for companies, restaurants or hotels, to use our art objects for decoration or for various events. We cooperate with architects, who furnish private houses, hotels, conference or other premises.

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